Making your Homestead Eco-Friendly

When you start to think of backyard farming and homesteading as a mindset instead of a specific set of ‘things’ on your home, it’s easy to see how raising animals, growing your own food, and reclaiming old skills fit into living closer to the earth. People come to backyard farming for many reasons, but ultimately there are benefits to everyone to reconnecting with where your food comes from, improving the environment, reducing costs, and pure enjoyment.

Making decision that are environmentally friendly have benefits for everyone. Check out the articles below with some suggestions on how to make your homestead ‘green.’

Build a Food Mecca in Your Backyard

Let us help you turn your yard and home into a thriving homestead. Start with this post with an overview of building a food mecca and creating an eco-friendly home.

The responsibility of homesteading goes well beyond raising animals and creating a garden. Explore posts on this page to learn more about living green.

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