modern homesteading academy

How to Homestead No Matter How Much Experience You Have

Modern Homesteading Academy

It’s time to dive deeper into modern homesteading.

This ongoing course is designed to embrace the modern homesteading movement and help you reach your own homesteading goals. Whether you are just starting out on your homesteading journey or hoping to new skills this course is meant to go beyond what you can find on our blog.

With first hand experience built over many years of homesteading, raising animals, gardening and more, the Modern Homesteading Academy brings you printable e-books, specially creating videos and more. It’s low-cost membership program built by an active homesteader for homesteaders.

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What To Expect in the Modern Homesteading Academy

When you sign up as a paid subscriber to the Backyard Farming Connection Newsletter, you automatically receive access to the Modern Homestead Academy. In addition to special bi-weekly newsletters, you will also receive a course/ebook/video series, or other resource once a month as well as access to all the existing courses.

This means you can sign up today and get instant access to ALL the courses already available in the Modern Homesteading Academy.

Are you Overwhelmed with Learning all the Homesteading Skills and Creating a Thriving Backyard Farm?

We get it and we’ve been there – sifting through too much information! There is an overwhelming amount of information available for homesteaders: from videos, to complicated courses, blog posts, forums, Facebook groups and so much more. But homesteading shouldn’t be complicated!

Do you have any of these problems on your homestead?

  • Feeling like your drowning, barely keeping up but always adding new projects
  • Never having enough time to learn and implement all the things you need to know to homestead.
  • Experience failures on your homestead that make you wonder what’s the point.
  • Sifting through the vast number of books, videos, and more, never knowing who to trust?
  • Losing the joy of homesteading and instead seeing a never ending list of problems to solve.
  • Simply unsure where to start.

What Courses are there in the Modern Homesteading Academy?

I began releasing monthly courses in the Modern Homesteading Academy in Feb of 2024 and bi-weekly newsletters just for members. At the moment you can find the courses below available:

- How to Make Butter
- How to Raise Baby Chicks
- Seed Starting
- Creating Healthy Soil

All courses come with printable PDFs and videos.

In the coming months I have some exciting courses planned including:

- Square Food Gardening
- Soil Blocking
- Introduction to Permaculture
- Raising Goats
- How to Make Jam

Here’s what Happens when you Join the Modern Homesteading Academy

  • You gain new homesteading skills
  • You get direct and simple information to help you on your homestead
  • You gain confidence with gardening, raising backyard animals, and tasks in your homestead kitchen
  • You learn new systems to make homesteading easier

Invest if Yourself and YOUR HOMESTEAD

When I first started homesteading, I got most of my information from books and a few online resources. There was no way I could afford expensive courses and I was busy at home with my young kids.

When I began working on my the Modern Homesteading Academy, I wanted to provide low cost solution for people looking to build their homesteading knowledge and skills. At the moment, it costs just $5/month to get full access to the Modern Homestead Academy. You can also pay this as a yearly fee.

This means for just $5 you get a monthly course with printable and/or video resources. You will also get FULL access to all the courses I’ve made in the past (monthly starting in Feb of 2024).

This is an incredible deal when you realize that just to take an online course on Raising Baby Chicks (the March 2024 Course for the Modern Homesteading Academy) can cost anywhere from $30-$100!!

And that’s not all. You also get a bonus for everyone who subscribes to the Backyard Farming Connection newsletter. This ebook is the first step in starting your homestead: THE MODERN HOMESTEAD: A GUIDE TO STARTING YOUR JOURNEY.

Not Quite Ready to Sign Up?

I get it! Choosing to get started and sign up for something new can easily feel like too much – maybe you don’t have the time, energy or funds to make changes and get started learning. I want to make it as easy as possible to put your learning first! I believe so strongly in the resources at the Backyard Farming Connection that I want to help you get started.

For a limited time, I am offering a discount to the Modern Homesteading Academy.

For the first 12 months, get 20% OFF when you sign up with the discount code below.