Welcome to my Homestead Kitchen

A homestead kitchen is a busy place. From preserving the abundance in the fall to from-scratch recipes and basics for your kitchen shelves, the kitchen is where so much of the homesteading magic happens. Whether you are building the skills to make all your own food, or are simply trying to find a few wholesome recipes to get back-to-basics, the guides and recipes below are full of flavor.

What’s New in Our Kitchen

Learn exactly how to make sourdough starter with just flour and water. This easy and from scratch recipe makes a
We love growing carrots in our garden and finding delicious and fun ways to prepare the carrots when they make
If you've ever made cheese or cultured dairy products, you may find that you have a lot of whey left
Pickled eggs are one of those foods that I avoided for many years. Even when our chickens first started producing
Pickles are so much more than cucumber spears! While we love cucumber pickles, there are many other types of pickled
Pickling is one of my favorite ways to use the food coming out of my garden and in my kitchen.

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