Homesteading Tools and Supplies

Essential tools and supplies, the best homesteading books, gardening and farming equipment for your backyard farm. . Our essential backyard farming items are listed at the top, but scroll down for articles with more information and reviews of backyard farming supplies. You can also see some of my favorite tools on my online store.

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Essential Tools for the Garden

Here are a few of our favorite basic essential gardening tools – see more of our favorite gardening tools here.

Garden Hoe

Garden Trowel

Metal Wheelbarrow

Gardening Gloves

Garden Shears

Large Watering Can

Essential Tools for Backyard Farm Animals

Fence Post Driver

Animal Water and Feed Bucket

Poultry Drinker

Tool and Supply Reviews

Discover the best strawberry planters for successful and bountiful harvests. Our selection offers optimal soil drainage, convenient watering systems, and efficient space utilization. Grow delicious strawberries with ease and maximize your gardening potential with the best planters available. Read more
Discover the top-rated chicken waterer for your coop in our comprehensive blog post. From gravity-fed to automatic, nipple, and cup waterers, find the best options to provide clean and accessible water for your flock. Learn about capacity, materials, maintenance tips, and user recommendations to select the best chicken waterer for your needs. Read more

We are working hard to add our favorite tools for building your backyard farm to help you on your journey. You can always purchase these items used or locally if you can, but we recommend buying quality tools and taking care of them so they last for decades

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