Mini-Course Beginners Guide to Raising Goats

Are you raising Baby Goats for the First Time? Are you looking for a no-nonsense course to get you started and avoid mistakes?

GOOD NEWS! This course is for you with everything you need to know to get started raising goats on your homestead. In this course I’ll walk you through:

  • What you need to raise backyard goats
  • How to select the best breed
  • How we’ve raised goats for well over a decade
  • How much space you need for goats.

What do you Get in this Course?

This course is designed to provide everything you need to know without wasting your time.  You will find 7 short videos going into a different aspect of baby chick care as well as a 19 page ebook with all the information so you can reference it again and again.  

We talk you through how to raise happy and healthy hens for fresh eggs in your own backyard.

About Gretchen (the course teacher)

Gretchen is the author at the Backyard Farming Connection and has been homesteading for the last 15 years. During this time she’s raised Pygora Goats, milked, sheared and bred her goats.. In this course she shares everything she’s learned over her years of experience as well extensive research. With videos direct from her home showing the homestead set up needed for raising goats.

How to Get Access to the Course?

This course on how to raise goats is part of the Modern Homesteading Academy. This ongoing membership course is designed to help homesteaders acquire all the skills they need to expand and thrive on their homestead.

When you sign up as a paid subscriber to the Backyard Farming Connection Newsletter, you automatically receive access to the Modern Homestead Academy and get instant access to the Course on Raising Goats. In addition to special bi-weekly newsletters, you will also receive a course, ebook, video series, or other resource once a month, as well as access to all the existing courses. This means you can sign up today and get instant access to numerous courses already available in the Modern Homesteading Academy (courses started being released in February 2024).

This means that instead of paying over $30 or more for each course, you get complete access for just $5/month (with no commitment).

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