Exactly How to Keep Chicken Water from Freezing

Discover effective strategies for How to Keep Chicken Water from Freezing during the winter months. Learn about proper container choices, insulation techniques, heated waterers, and DIY solutions to ensure your flock stays hydrated and healthy. Explore our comprehensive guide for practical tips and advice to prevent frozen water and promote your chickens’ well-being.

How to Grow Rhubarb

Learn the art of how to grow rhubarb with our authoritative and fun-filled guide. Discover essential tips and tricks for cultivating robust rhubarb plants in your garden or homestead. Get ready to savor the tangy goodness of this delightful crop and become a rhubarb-growing expert!

How to Grow Lettuce

Welcome, aspiring gardeners and homesteaders, to the ultimate guide on “How to Grow Lettuce” – your go-to resource for cultivating luscious, leafy greens right in your backyard! Lettuce, the versatile and nutritious superstar of salads and sandwiches, is an absolute delight to grow, even for beginners. We’ve been growing lettuce in our homestead garden for …

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Rhubarb Companion Plants (and Bad Companion Plant for Rhubarb)

Rhubarb is a cold-hardy perennial vegetable that will produce a harvest of delicious stalks year after year. This is one of our favorite crops that require minimal care once they are established. Rhubard is a tart vegetable that is usually eated cooked in crisps, muffins, simple syrups, drink, and more. In this guide we will …

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