FREE Homestead Planning Challenge Mini Course

Are you looking to start a new homestead? Are you an experienced homestead looking to refocus and set new goals? Are you struggling on your homestead and looking for guidance?

We’ve got you covered with this absolutely FREE Homestead Planning Mini Course. To get started homestead planning, sign up below. It’s 100% free!

Each day for a week you will receive an email that leads you through the Homestead Planning Challenge.  Whether you are starting a new homestead, dreaming of the future or want to come up with new goals for the coming year, this FREE challenge is for you!  

Think of this as your yearly homestead audit.  This high level planning is the perfect place to start if you are feeling lost or overwhelmed and need to focus.  Completely free with no strings attached, this Homestead Planning Challenge is a great way to start the New Year!

Don’t let homesteading burnout keep your from your homesteading goals. Get crystal clear on what you hope to achieve on your backyard farm and the steps you will take this year and in the future to achieve your goals. We will discuss creating a homestead vision, planning your homestead garden, selecting the best backyard animals and creating systems for homesteading success.

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