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Garden Update

It is hands down my favorite time of year.  The garden is turning lovely shades of earthy browns, greens, and yellows and the cool mornings lead right into beautiful afternoons here in NH. This week I’m finally starting to get some of the garden beds cleaned up, although it is a slow process with a few things still producing and everything all jumbled together in my unorganized garden.

I’m still getting some tomatoes, kale, pumpkins, swiss chard, and a few other goodies from the garden, but the pace is slowing down.  The popcorn is set to be harvested soon since we’ve had some visitors nibbling and storing their own food for the winter.  And still, there always seems to be something on the stove getting blanched, or boiled down, or sealed.

How’s your garden growing?

Each Friday I share photos from our garden with an update about what we’re doing, what’s growing, and what we’re eating.  I invite you to come play along, I love seeing what others are trying.  You can join the fun in 2 ways:


  • If you blog, I welcome you to write a post or share a post from that week about what’s growing in your garden 
  • If you aren’t a blogger, I invite you to join my gardening flickr group and share photos of your garden from this week
  • And last – if you don’t want to blog or share photos, just follow along and check out all the links and photos and maybe share a comment with your own gardening experience from the week

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