The Backyard Farming Connection #35

The garden is growing – it’s really growing!  Despite the heat this weekend, we got most of the garden beds weeded and you can see the small, fragile seedlings struggling upward.  With the garden underway, we are starting to get our first harvest: herbs, lettuce, and strawberries and I’m looking forward to eating more out of our own backyard.

Lavender Lemonade with Honey – this sounds amazing on the hot days were having!  Check out the recipe at Small Footprint Family.

From Schneider Peeps, here’s a post on one of my favorite garden treats: Kale Chips.

I want to know what’s happening, in your garden, on your homestead, in the barnyard, and in the kitchen.  Whatever is in your backyard farm and home, I would love to hear about it.

Each week I will share some of my favorite posts on the Backyard Farming Connection Facebook page.  And in case you haven’t seen, I have a ‘featured button’ so if you’ve been featured in the past, grab a button.

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3 thoughts on “The Backyard Farming Connection #35”

  1. Thanks for featuring our kale chips. I feel so honored.

    Gretchen, I also wanted to thank you for the community you're building here. This is a really fun and informative place to hang out.

  2. My favorites are #1, #8 and #16! Seeing the pictures of children helping the ewes give birth was great, and the three recipes for "meals in a Jar" are invaluable to me! I love your hops because they are everything I need to learn about – so informative, great pictures and well written! I submitted #25 about our class on Beekeeping this last weekend. Thanks for hosting!

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