The Best Auto Chicken Door: The Chickcozy Door Review

For years, we resisted getting an automatic chicken door, thinking that it wasn’t worth the price for the extra convenience. After extensive research, we decided to install the Chickcozy Automatic door. We’ve now been using this door and are thrilled with how easy it was to install and how seamlessly it has worked for both our older hens and now our younger chicks.

This door is the best auto chicken door we’ve found and below you can find a complete review and details of the chicken door. You can find the automatic chicken door to order online and read more reviews.

It’s important to note that an automatic chicken door should be used as an addition to your general chicken care, not to replace daily checks of the chicken coop. Read to the end of this post on the top tips for using an automatic chicken door properly.

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Should You Use an Auto Chicken Door?

Before you purchase an auto chicken door, it’s important to decide if this type of door is right for you and the set up in your coop. Here are a few reasons to consider getting an automatic door for your coop.

Pros of an Automatic Chicken Door

  • An automatic chicken door ensures that the door to your coop closes consistently in the evening and opens in the morning. This offers assurance if you aren’t home at your coop during these times. It doesn’t subract from the need to check on your coop, but is an extra measure of security.
  • The Chickcozy auto chicken door is easy to program and adjust to shut exactly when you want it to.
  • Can help protect your chickens from predators.
  • Can help keep the coop warm in the winter by shutting at the right time

Cons of an Automatic Chicken Door

  • If the door does not shut correctly and you don’t check on your coop, the coop may remain open overnight (this is rare)
  • If you don’t double check your chickens, a hen can be left outside overnight.

All these cons can be overcome by continuing to check on your hens and using the automatic chicken door as a helpful tool without replacing double checks by a human.

Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door

Why the ChickCozy Automatic Chicken Door?

The Chickcozy door has lived up to our expectations. Here are some of the reasons this door makes a great automatic chicken door:

  • Easy to Install
  • Adjustable and easy to program with a few buttons. You can adjust the door to open and close at a specific time or based on the sun.
  • Battery run so you don’t need a power source near your coop. You also have the option to plug in the door instead. The battery charge is clearly listed on the display.
  • Sensitive to interference so won’t hurt your hens if they are stuck in the door when it closes. We tried this with out own arms and while the door is secure once it is shut, it won’t shut if there is something in the way. The door opens and closes horizontally making it extra safe for your chickens.
  • Attractive on your chicken coop.
Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door
Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door

Installing the Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door

The Chickcozy automatic Chicken door comes with a manual but it is so easy to install you almost don’t need it!

The door should be installed on a flat surface that is level with additional space to the left and right so the doors can open and close. It’s important that the base of the chicken door is clear of debris. The base of the door has openings below the doors to keep the dirt, leaves, and bedding from clogging up the doors.

We installed the Cozychick door on the outside of the coop and kept our small door on the inside of the coop. This allows us to double lock the door if there is a winter storm.

It only took me 10 minutes to install the door from start to finish. The dimensions for the automatic chick door are:

  • Hole Size 8.15″W x 10.4″H
  • Door Size(opened)16.7″W x 13.9″H
  • Door Size(Closed)12”W x 13.9″H
Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door
Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door

How the Chickcozy Door Works

The Chickcozy door has a small display screen and a few buttons that allows you to constantly see the current battery charge when the display in on. You can also control the setting on this screen easily with the minimal buttons.

The door comes set to open and close based on the sunlight. You can also override the door manually by pressing the button at any time. You can also easily set the door to open and close at a specific time of day.

Based on your settings, the doors open and close horizonally and soundlessly at the appointed time. If something is in the way, the door will open and retry so it won’t hurt one of your chickens if they happen to be in the way. We tested this before installing.

When the battery reaches a low point, it will show on the display.

Since installing the Chickcozy door, our chickens have been found safely inside the coop each night. We continue to do nightly checks on the coop, but with the automatic door we don’t need to worry about shutting the coop up right at nightfall. With 3 kids and busy schedules this has given us incredible peace of mind.

Auto Chicken Door

Tips for Using an Automatic Chicken Door

An automatic chicken door is a helpful tool, but it’s important to install it correctly and use it correctly to keep your hens safe. Below are some general tips to ensure you get the most out of your auto chicken door.

Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door
Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door
  1. Understand Your Door: Read and thoroughly understand the user manual that comes with your automatic chicken door.
  2. Proper Installation: Ensure the door is securely and correctly installed. It should be level and free from any obstructions that could prevent it from opening or closing.
  3. Adjust for Seasons: Be prepared to adjust the timer settings as daylight hours change with the seasons. Some doors have light sensors that can automatically adapt to changing daylight hours. If you are using set tim,e make sure to adjust the time.
  4. Test the Door: Ensure that the door’s safety mechanisms are functioning correctly before relying on the door working.
  5. Maintenance: Keep the door and its components clean and well-maintained. Lubricate moving parts as necessary to prevent jams.
  6. Monitor Performance: Regularly check the door to make sure it’s operating correctly.
  7. Introduce Gradually: If you’re installing a new automatic door, introduce it to your chickens gradually. Prop it open during the day for a few days before setting it on a timer so that they become accustomed to it. Our chickens were used to the the opening and closing of the door so the adjustment was short.
  8. Consider Weather: In extremely cold or hot weather, you may need to adjust the door settings to provide extra protection for your chickens. We’ve kept the door on the inside as a double door that can be used during bad weather.
  9. Regularly Check Batteries: If your door uses batteries, check them regularly to ensure they are not running low or leaking. You can find the battery charge level right on the display.

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