How to: Companion Planting Bok Choy

We love to grow bok choy in our garden, enjoying the fresh flavors straight from our backyard. Having grown bok choy for years, it’s become a staple in our garden.

Getting the most of your harvest means using every strategy to increase the flavor and yield. One of these methods is to try companion planting bok choy to help your individual crops benefit from the other plants in your garden.

In this article we’ll share our thoughts on how to companion plant bok choy.


Introduction to Companion Planting Bok Choy

With its delicious leaves, bok choy is a great crop, but also a helpful companion plant in the garden. We tend to plant our bok choy alongside our onions in the garden and have found they benefit from the pest repelling scent.

See exactly how to grow Bok Choy.

Several reasons make companion planting for bok choy worthwhile:

  1. Reduced Dependency on Chemicals: Companion planting diminishes reliance on chemical pesticides and fertilizers, creating a balanced garden ecosystem that fosters overall well-being.
  2. Increased Harvest: Plant interactions can lead to a more abundant harvest, benefiting both bok choy and its neighboring plants. The right companions can enhance the yield of flavorful bok choy leaves.

This article provides practical suggestions for companion planting with bok choy.

Companion Planting for Bok Choy

Benefits of Bok Choy Companion Plants

Bok choy, with its appealing leaves, can be helpful in the garden, making it a suitable companion for various other plants. Companion planting bok choy offers several advantages:

  1. Pest Attraction: Bok choy can help attract beneficial insects which in turn can keep other insects and pests at bay. This can limit chemical use in the garden.
  2. Ground Cover: Bok choy planted thickly can help deter weeds.
  3. Nutrient Recycling: Bok choy’s intricate root system taps into deeper soil layers, recycling nutrients often overlooked by other plants. As bok choy leaves decompose, they enrich the surrounding soil, benefiting nearby plants.

Best Bok Choy Companion Plant Options

Certain plants thrive alongside bok choy, offering mutual benefits. Let’s explore some top contenders for bok choy companion planting:

  1. TOMATOES: Bok choy and tomatoes make excellent companions, complementing each other’s growth habits and enhancing overall plant health. Bok choy provides support for tomatoes, while tomatoes help deter pests affecting bok choy.
  2. MARIGOLDS: Marigolds, known for their strong scent, deter many common garden pests. Planting marigolds alongside bok choy can help protect it from pests and add color to your garden.
Companion Planting Bok Choy
  1. NASTURTIUMS: Nasturtiums add vibrant color to your garden and help repel aphids and other pests. Planting nasturtiums near bok choy can safeguard it from unwanted visitors while enhancing the garden’s visual appeal.
  2. ONIONS: Bok choy and onions complement each other well, with onions helping deter certain pests that affect bok choy, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Plants to Avoid Planting Near Bok Choy

Just as some plants thrive alongside bok choy, others may not coexist harmoniously. Conflicts can arise due to factors like competition for nutrients or chemical incompatibilities. Knowing which plants to keep at a distance from your bok choy patch can significantly impact the overall health and productivity of your garden.

  1. POTATOES: Potatoes and bok choy are not ideal companions due to their high nutrient demands, leading to competition and reduced growth for both.
  2. CABBAGES: Members of the Brassica family, such as cabbage, may not be ideal neighbors for bok choy due to nutrient competition.
  3. BEANS: While beneficial in some companion plantings, beans may not be the best choice to plant near bok choy due to potential competition for nutrients.
Companion Planting Bok Choy: Growing Guide

Using Companion Planting to Plan Your Garden

Incorporating companion planting knowledge into your garden planning involves careful consideration of plant compatibility, growth habits, and pest management strategies. Select crops you want to grow, research their ideal companions and potential antagonists, and implement techniques like interplanting or creating beneficial plant groupings. It can often feel overwelming to plan a full garden using companion planting. My best advice is to choose a few crops and focus on companion planting these together in the garden.

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Common Bok Choy Companion Questions

To provide a comprehensive understanding of bok choy companion planting, here are answers to common questions:

    • Yes, tomatoes and bok choy make excellent companions, complementing each other’s growth habits and enhancing overall plant health.
    • Bok choy thrives in well-draining soil with full sunlight. While it can tolerate partial shade, avoid planting it near crops with which it might compete for resources.
    • Yes, planting nasturtiums near bok choy can help repel aphids and other pests, providing protection and enhancing the garden’s aesthetic appeal.
    • Yes, bok choy and onions complement each other well, with onions helping deter certain pests that affect bok choy, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.
Companion Planting Bok Choy
Companion Planting Bok Choy

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