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Farm to Table Through the Year

This book is a culinary and gardening journey through the 12 months of the year with growing tips, first hand growing information, recipes, and photos to inspire you in your own backyard and in your kitchen this year.

Each of the 12 chapters is crafted by a different author and shares first hand information.  Read about growing pumpkins, building cold frames, and cooking with Guinea Eggs.

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Stop by and learn about all the wonderful authors from this book on their sites!

Angie from Schneider Peeps
Rob from Bepa’s Garden
Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily
Tammy from Our Neck of the Woods
 Lisa Lynn from The Self Sufficient HomeAcre
Gretchen from The Backyard Gardening Connection
Katie from Maple Grove
Jennifer from 1840 Farm
Kim from Mothering With Mindfulness
Sheryl from The Wilderness Wife
Christine from These Light Footsteps
Teresa from Radishgirl Thymes Blog


The Modern Homestead: A Guide to Starting Your Journey

All around us, people are making new choices about the way they live.  The Modern Homestead is a guide to help you get started creating your own homestead.  This 50 + page book shares many of the possibilities available to the modern homesteader (including gardening, raising animals, using home skills, and practicing energy conservation), discusses the challenges you may face, helps you set goals, and suggests ways to get started.  
Whether you are a seasoned homesteader looking to reassess your goals, or you’re someone who is just starting out, this book will help you move forward on your own journey.

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To receive your free copy of The Modern Homestead follow the link below!  And don’t worry – I promise, no spam.  

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Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“If you are new to homesteading or an old hand at it, the “The Modern Homestead” will make you think about all your options. It is quite comprehensive in that it mentions just about every aspect of homesteading and gives you links to resources to explore each of these areas more in depth. Some people call it homesteading, some call it self reliance and some call it prepping. It’s all good because the same information applies to all.”

– Dan Shaw

“I very much appreciated the opportunity to read your Ebook The Modern Homestead: A Guide to Starting Your Journey. Whether one’s homestead is an 800 square foot apartment or 80 acres of mother nature(and I’ve lived both places)there are changes we each can make in our lives to become more self sufficent and better caretakers of our planet.Hopefully you fine publication will be just the boost folks need to start their own journey. I wish you well on your own journey and look forward to keeping up with your progress through your postings. Best Journey! “

– Kathleen McLeod

I just stopped working so I could read your book! It is very well written! I love the fact that you call it a “lifestyle” and a “journey to live closer with nature” because that’s exactly what it is for me. I also like that you describe homesteading as anything from growing vegetables on a patio to living on 40 acres. Most books only talk about homesteading and being totally self-sufficient, but I feel there can be some middle ground. You don’t need to live way out in the woods away from civilization to homestead and live a more connected (with nature) lifestyle. Everyone can do some degree of homesteading, no matter where they live and you made that point really well. I also love (can you tell I really loved your book) that you include conserving and lowering your carbon footprint with information on how to do that.  You covered a full range of topics that will really make people think (and get excited) about homesteading. Very well done!!
– Rob from Bepas Garden

I have already read through your ebook since I couldn’t put it down, and I love it! I really appreciated the fact that it was a quick, easy read and great for a broad overview of homesteading. I like that you included resources for delving deeper into certain topics if you’d like. I think many people will find this useful, no matter if they are just starting to think about homesteading or if they consider themselves seasoned experts. I enjoyed how you put in your own experiences in the “How we see it” sections so others can see real-life examples of what homesteading looks like. I’m really excited about using the worksheets tonight with my husband so we can iron out our dreams and goals for the future. Thank you so much for a great homesteading resource!

– Tammy from Our Neck of the Woods


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