Garden Update

The garden has officially passed from slightly organized to a complete jungle.  Every year I reach this point and promise that the next year I won’t over-plant and I will stay on top of building supports for all those tomatoes – ah next year!

The one thing that is looking particularly good this year are the sunflowers.  We put in a sunflower house/fort and the flowers are just getting ready to pop and the little ones are finding there way inside more often.  In addition almost every garden has sunflowers snuck in the the corner.

 The row garden is finally catching up and starting to look good and I’m enjoying walking up to the upper pasture everyday to find things tucked in the rows.

Luckily I’ve had lots of volunteers for helping with the harvest lately, and it’s turned into a once a day walk of berry picking, zucchini gathering, beans collecting and flower cutting.

How’s your garden growing?

Each Friday I share photos from our garden with an update about what we’re doing, what’s growing, and what we’re eating.  I invite you to come play along, I love seeing what others are trying.  You can join the fun in 2 ways:

  • If you blog, I welcome you to write a post or share a post from that week about what’s growing in your garden 
  • If you aren’t a blogger, I invite you to join my gardening flickr group and share photos of your garden from this week
  • And last – if you don’t want to blog or share photos, just follow along and check out all the links and photos and maybe share a comment with your own gardening experience from the week

3 thoughts on “Garden Update”

  1. Wow! I'm so impressed with your sunflowers! Mine didn't do much this year. What a lovely harvest you have and how wonderful to have such able helpers! Enjoy your beautiful garden.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful, jungle or not! I love the Sunflower house. I had hip surgery on May 1st so I didn't get to put in a garden this year 🙁 but next year I am going to go crazy!

    I tossed out a huge back of sunflower seeds on the hillside this year, but the birds ate them all up before they got started. In years passed if I do that just before monsoon seasons starts they grow like crazy. Guess the wild birds were extra hungry this year.

  3. Look at your sunflower house!! I have tried to do a sunflower house a number of times without luck. Now I just tuck them here and there. And your winter squash around the shed?! Holy cow that is a healthy looking squash.

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