How to Make Dairy Products

Dairy, or milk, is one of the basic ingredients in the kitchen that can made into a wide variety of different types of food. Some of my favorite things to make from dairy include cheese, yogurt, butter and of course ice cream.

There are several specific processes that can be used to make dairy products including culturing dairy through fermentation to processing dairy to make cheese. Below you can see general information about how to manage and use dairy in the kitchen as well as some specific recipes and skills to use in the kitche.


Cultured Dairy

Cultured dairy is one of the easiest and most enjoyable things to make in the kitchen. In fact, there are several recipes below that we make on a weekly basis in our kitchen. In addition to some of the recipes below for yogurt and sour cream, several of the simple cheese recipes in the next section are actually made from cultured dairy.

Cultured dairy refers to dairy products that have been fermented using specific strains of bacteria cultures. These bacteria ferment lactose, the natural sugar found in milk, into lactic acid, which gives cultured dairy products their characteristic tangy flavor and thicker consistency. Common examples of cultured dairy products include yogurt, kefir, sour cream, and buttermilk. These products often contain beneficial probiotics, which can contribute to gut health and digestion.


Making cheese is often seen as a more advances kitchen skill and it is definitely more complicated than making yogurt or butter, but making your own cheese is rewarding and delicious!

Cheesemaking involves a more complex process of curdling milk to separate the solid curds from the liquid whey. This can be done using various methods, such as adding rennet (an enzyme) or using acidic substances like lemon juice or vinegar. Once the curds have formed, they are often cut, drained, and pressed to remove excess moisture. The curds may then be further processed by aging, brining, or adding additional cultures and flavorings. Cheesemaking can take anywhere from a few hours to several months, depending on the type of cheese being produced and its desired characteristics.

Other Dairy

There are several other delicious ways to use dairy in the homestead kitchen including making butter and ice cream.

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