35 Best Backyard Farming and Homesteading Statistics

Looking for the best backyard farming and homesteading statistics? With a resurgence of interest in backyard farming and homesteading, more people are choosing to grow their own food and reconnect to eating locally and raising their own animals. The facts below paint a picture of homesteading and backyard farming with 50 statistics that … We’ve …

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Selecting the Best Backyard Farm Animals

There are many reasons you may want to consider adding backyard farm animals to your homestead.  Many animals that are traditionally considered farm animals are well adapted to smaller scale backyard farming and can provide food, pollination, compost materials, bug suppression, enjoyment, and more.  Many people choose to start with raising backyard chickens, but there are many other backyard farm animals well adapted to a small backyard space.  

How to Start Backyard Farming

Backyard farming has become a more and more familiar term over the last few decades as people rethink where their food comes from and how they can become active participants in producing their own food.  Backyard farming can be as simple as filling your patio with vegetable plants, and as complicated as including large animals on your backyard farm.  This article is designed to get you started on your own backyard farming dreams.

How to Start Your Homestead Garden

Whether you are brand new to backyard farming or you’re just getting started, planning your homestead garden is likely one of the most important and earliest things you will do.  The food truly tastes better from your own garden, plus it can be cheaper, healthier, a stress relief, and so much more.  This article explains how to get started and what you can do to start producing your own food from your garden now!

Photo of a garden

What is Modern Homesteading? 5 Easy Steps to Get Started

At its core, modern homesteading in a resurgence of traditional and basic skills that promote self-sufficiency and reliance through gardening, raising animals, preserving food, and building systems that reduce waste. Unlike traditional homesteading that requires a tract of land that becomes a formal homesteading, modern homesteading is using these skills to create an intentional lifestyle of self reliance. Modern homesteading is less about an end product and more about a mindset and approach to living.