31 Amazing Gifts for Chicken Lovers

Chickens are hard not to love! We’ve been raising chickens for many years and definintely fall into the category of ‘chicken lovers’ We love getting fresh eggs – but we also simple love our chickens.

In this article, we’ve gathered the best ideas of gifts for chicken lovers for you to find and share the chicken love with others in your life! If you know someone who loves their chickens, the ideas below will help you choose some amazing gifts for chicken lovers! Whether you are looking for a chicken-themed gift for a birthday or the holidays, or even a housewarming gift, we’ve got your covered!

This guide was so much fun to put together and I hope it helps you find the perfect gift for the chicken lover on your list. Looking for more gift ideas for the homesteaders on your shopping list? Check out:

To make it easy, we’ve divided up the best gifts for chicken owners into different sections. This will help you search for funny chicken gifts as well as practical gifts for chickens and their owners!

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Gifts for Chicken Lovers
Gifts for Chicken Lovers


Best Funny Gifts for Chicken Lovers

In this section you can find some funny gifts for chicken owners. If you are looking for something more practical – scroll on down!

Chicken Lover Wine Glasses

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine at the end of the day – and it’s even better when it’s chicken-themed! These wine glasses make a great hostess gifts for someone who loves their chickens.

Chicken Socks

These socks are fun and colorful and come in a set of 5. Perfect as a chicken gift for Christmas or stocking stuffer, these socks are so cute!

Chicken Leg Socks

These chicken leg socks are sure to get a laugh! Coming up to your knees, the socks make your own legs look like chicken legs. Give a few of them as a gift and strut around with your new legs!

Funny Chicken Sign

There are so many funny chicken signs that can go on your coops, a fence post, a gate or as decor in the house. I love this silly chicken sign!

Chicken Dish Towel

This dish towel is just plain silly – you’re our best chicken mom! This is a great small chicken-themed gift.

Chicken Cookie Cutters

Who doesn’t love a delicious chicken shaped cookie. This makes a great gift for chicken lovers and people who love to bake.

Chicken Stamps

These are SO CUTE! Get these stamps with a cute saying or suprise someone with their farm name in the chicken egg stamp.

Chicken Costume Onesie

Whether you are looking for a chicken costume or comfy chicken pajamas – this costume is so fun.

Games and Books About Chickens

The Homesteader’s Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook

This is one of the best books about raising chickens naturally. This book is a great overview and complete guide to raising chickens from start to finish and makes a great gift for anyone new to raising chickens.

Chicken Jokes

Keep it light and funny with this book of chicken jokes. This is a great gift for chicken lovers.

Chicken: A Declaration of Love

This is a beautiful book and makes the perfect coffee table book from someone who loves chickens. Full of gorgeous photos that showcase a love of chickens, this is a great book!

Extraordinary Chicken Calendar

Each month showcases a wild looking and extraordinary chicken. This fluffy animals are as wild as they come.

Chicken Coloring Book

This beautiful coloring book is a great chicken lover gifts and can be given with a set of colored pencils.

Chicken War Game

This is a fun and hilarious game perfect for a family game night! Great for kids ages 8 and up.

Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook

If you have someon in your life who loves chickens – they are going to need to know what to do with their eggs. This is a great book that gives so many amazing recipes for eggs.

Chicken Lover Clothing and Jewelry

Colorful Chicken Necklace

This is a fun and beatiful necklace that comes in several different designs and colors. This is a perfect gift ideas for someone.

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Chicken Bracelet

This simple and understated bracelet with small chickens is subtle and a lovely gift for someone who loves their chickens!

Rooster Earrings

These rooster stud earrings make a great gift for chicken lovers. Made from sterling silver, these earring are pure fun!

Chicken Shirt

This is such a cute chicken shirt with 5 different breeds of hens across the front. T-shirts make great gifts for chicken lovers.

Chicken Mama Hat

Perfect for a work day around your homestead of farm. This chicken mama hat comes in a variety of colors.

Funny Chicken Shirt

This chicken shirt made me laugh out loud – I raise chickens, I’m literally a chicken tender.

Practical Chicken Lover Gifts

Chicken Toys

This fun set of chicken toys is entertaining for everyone! These boredom busters are perfect to keep chickens entertained.

Chicken Treats

So while a box of fly larvae might not seem like a normal gift idea – people who love chickens will appreciate this practical gift.

Chicken Boots

Every chicken keeper needs a good pair of boots for rainy days and cleaning out the coop. These cute boots are just the thing and make a great gift.

Custom Egg Carton Stamp

This is a great gift for chicken lovers – get them their own customized egg carton stamp.

Egg Apron

Who doesn’t need an apron to collect fresh eggs!? This apron is perfect for getting some work done around the farm and stopping by the chicken coop to grab some eggs.

Chicken Lover Gifts for the Home

Egg Skelter

We have almost the exact same skelter into our kitchen to keep our eggs in and it is a game changer for keeping our eggs organized. This makes a great gift and comes in several color options.

Cute Chicken Blanket

This blanket is so cute and is a great gift for chicken lovers. Nothing says – I love my chickens like a blanket in your living room!

Chicken Pillow

This cute pillow has many breeds of chicken in colorful and fun artwork. I recently gave this pillow as a gift to a friend who keeps chickens and they loved it!

Set of 4 Chicken Mugs

Deck out your house or a friend’s house with this set of 4 chicken mugs. The simple drawings make an adoreable addition to your kitchen.

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