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30 Amazing Gifts for Beekeepers and Bee Lovers

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Are you looking for gifts for beekeepers?

Are you on a search for bee themed gifts to give to the bee lover in your life?

We’re here to help with plenty of ideas for bee gifts. We’ve been bee keepers for over a decade and know exactly what we would want to get wrapped up as a gift. Some of these gifts for beekeepers are practical and will help with beekeeping, while others are fun accessories for your favorite beekeeper. You can find a range of prices and types of gifts in the list below.

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Practical Gifts for Beekeepers

Beekeeping involves many parts and supplies and many of these make excellent beekeeper gift ideas. In addition to the hive itself, beekeepers need protective clothing, special tools, and even the bees themselves. In order to give a practical gift you will need to know what your favorite beekeeper already has at home and what they need. I’m including several common items that make good gifts, but you can also consider gift certificates, or asking your beekeeper what they need. See the items below for practical beekeeper gift ideas.

Beginner Beekeeping Kit

This excellent started kit makes a good beekeeping gift. It comes with just about all the accessories you need to get started beekeeping. If your beekeeper is experienced, they likely already have some of these items, so the full kit may not make sense.

Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

Protective clothing for beekeepers makes a good and practical gift idea. This suit comes in a variety of sizes and will help your beekeeper manage their bees during hive checks.

Bee Hive

This is a large bee keeping gift. Some hives are interchangeable, so this gift is best if the person you are giving this too has a hive that is the same size. Many beekeepers start with one hive and build up to two or more over time so this can make an excellent beekeeping gift.

Best Books to Give as Beekeepers Gifts

Books make excellent gifts for bee keepers. You can choose a practical how-to book or enjoy our favorite photographic book on bees. See a complete list of our Favorite Beekeeping Books for more ideas of books to give as beekeeping gifts.

The Beekeepers Handbook

This is our favorite bee-keeping book and is an excellent gift idea especially for a new beekeeper. This book is clearly written and has a wealth of knowledge for both the beginner and veteran bee keepers.

Five Eyes: A Photographic Introduction to Bee Vision

This is a fascinating book full of amazing photos. You can find magnified photos of bees and information about how bee eyesight works. This is a great book to keep on a side table!

Bees and Their Keepers: A Journey Through Seasons and Centuries

This is an interesting book that explore bee lore. Told through the eyes of an experienced beekeeping, the books describes bee culture in the hive, and human’s understanding of bees throughout time.

Best Gift for Beekeepers: Home and Garden

Bee-related Gifts for the Garden

Seeds for the Beekeeper

Bee Related Gifts for the Home

Gifts for Bee Lovers: Clothes and Personal Items

T-Shirts for Beekeepers

There are so many cute clothing items for bee keepers. I especially love some of the clever beekeeping t-shirts you can find. Here are 6 amazing beekeeping shirts that make excellent bee gifts.

Bee Related Jewelry

There are also many different options for bee-related jewelry and these make excellent gift ideas, especially for women beekeepers.

Bee Made Products

Other Gifts for Beekeepers

In addition to traditional gifts for beekeepers, you can also consider several other options.

Flowering Trees and Shrubs: Consider giving the beekeeping gift of flowering plants. Many beekeepers enjoy building up a habitat for their bees. You can either give them a tree or shrub, or consider a gift certificate to the local garden center.

Give a beekeeping class as a bee gift: Especially if the beekeeper in your life is just starting out, a local bee keeping class is a great way to expand their knowledge and give a gift they really want. Contact a local beekeeping group for the best local classes.

Give a year long subscription to American Bee Journal: This is a tremendous resource for beekeepers and the magazine has been published since 1861!

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