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Find the Best Seed Starter Kit – 5 Great Options

Finding the best seed starter kit can be the perfect jump start to growing your outdoor vegetable garden. Starting your own seeds indoors means you save money, get a jump start on your summer garden and you increase your entire harvest from your vegetable garden. We’ve worked hard to try and research seed starter kits and have the best options to share with you below. You can also find information about purchasing grow lights and seed trays, and you can of course build your own seed starting set up.

If you are new to starting seeds indoors, start with our Complete Guide on Starting Seeds Indoors.

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Top Options for the Best Seed Starter Kit

You can see a quick breakdown of the different seed starting kits in the table below. The major differences between the kits are whether they come with a heat pad and light, and how many seeds you plan to start. Read more information below about the different options below and what to look for in a seed starting kit.

Seed Starting Kits

Best For


Check Prices

5 seed starting set ups without light or heat.


Grow light set up with tray, heat and adjustable light


Attractive Seed Starting or Indoor Garden Set Up


Light and Tray for 36 or 72 cell trays


Basic seed starting kit with 2 trays and lid


What to Look for in a Seed Starting Kit

The right seed starting kit for you depends on a few things and considering these things before you purchase anything will help you determine the best indoor seed starter kit for you. Below are a few things to consider:

How many seeds do you want to start?

You will want to consider how many seeds you plan to grow. If you are planning to grow hundreds or even thousands of seeds you will need a large set up with several lights and many seed starting trays. If you are hoping to start just a few seedling for your garden, you can use a smaller countertop set up.

If you plan to start more seeds you may want to buy the supplies separately and combine them into a larger seed starting set up.

Do you need heat?

Many seeds need heat to germinate. Depending on the heat in your house, you may have a spot that you can put your plants until they germinate. We have radiant floor heating in one small part of our house and we put our seed trays on this to germinate.

Heat helps with the success and speed of germination.

Do you need lights?

If you are starting seeds indoors you will need light to help them germinate. Unless you have full sun and long daylight, you will likely need to supplement your natural light with electrical light. We resisted using grow lights for a long time but it’s made a huge difference to our success. A good light is adjustable so you can keep it a few inches high than the top of your plants.

What is the best medium to grow your seeds in?

Some kits come with plugs while other times you will need to purchase seed starting soil for your seeds. The best option is what works for you. We typically use seed starter soil, but plugs are easy to transplant into the garden.

Where to Find the Best Seed Starter Kits

You can often find seed starting kits locally at a garden center or large home repair shop (like Lowes). If you are looking for something specific for your home, we recommend purchasing the kit online as you will have more options available.

We’ve bought both the seed starting kit parts separately and a medium seed starting kit that came with all the parts.

What Comes in a Seed Starting Kit

If you still can’t find what you like in a seed starting kit, you can also purchase the individual parts and assemble your own seed start kit.

We’ve used both a DIY seed starter set up and a purchased seed starter kit and feel like both options work well. To start seeds inside, you need a few supplies that typically come in these kits. Check your kit to make sure you have everything. To start seeds inside you need.

More Details for the Best Seed Starter Kit

Gardzen 5-Set Garden Propagator Set

This kit includes 5 trays with 200 cells for growing seeds. This is a great starter set up with locking lids to keep in the moisture. This doesn’t come with a heat pad of lights so is a great addition to an existing set up or as part of a DIY seed growing system. You can also use this on your own if you have tremendous natural light.

HTG Supply Seed Station

This is the best seed starter kit for a small set up. If you are looking for a complete set up with lights and heat for growing a small number of seeds, this is your kit. The light is adjustable and since the set up is small it’s easy to find a place to put this in your home.

Low Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden

This is a beautiful seed starter kit made of bamboo. I should note that this doesn’t come with the trays so you could purchase the seed trays separately, but the lights and structure are easy to assemble and make it easy to contain all the seedlings. There is no heat lamp so you will need to purchase this separately.

Burpee Exclusive Glow ‘n Grow Tabletop Grow Light and Seed Starting Kit

This is a good set up for growing seedlings at home. This doesn’t have a heat lamp but it does have a self watering system as part of the seed trays. The light is adjustable and comes with everything else you need to start your own seeds.

2 Pack Seed Starter Tray

This is a basic seed starting kit for a small operation and works well if you have plenty of natural light or want additional trays to go under existing grow lamps. Each tray has 24 cells and a lid for moisture retention.

The Basics of Starting Seeds Indoors

Once you’ve found the best seed starter kit, it’s time to set it up and plant your seeds. Make sure you start your seeds at the right time for your climate so that the seedlings are started at the right time for your region. You will also want to follow the directions for starting the specific type of seeds you are planning to grow. If the seeds need heat, make sure to use a heat mat or other heat source. Some seeds need light to germinate as well.

Once the seeds are sprouting above the surface, it’s time to move them into a well lit area. Most seeds will need more light than just natural light through the nearest window. In most situations, you will want grow lights to help your seedlings get the best start in life. Keep your seeds and seedling moist and thin as needed.

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